“The lovers are dancing and enjoying a jar of wine. Simorgh, the magical bird and a symbol of wisdom, is whispering in her ear, sitting on her shoulder.
I love, Blue Jeys for their being smart, affectionate and guardians to other birds and animals. They are flying around the lovers.
The whole scene is a peaceful place on the wings of Simorgh. Whenever love, peace and wisdom come together, a harmonious bliss emerges.”    Helen Arjmandi

Completion:            2019, Connecticut

Physical Description:

              Medium: wood

              Technique: Wood burning, acrylic painting


Digital Prints:

A limited number of high-quality digital copies of the original work are available, signed by the artist from $200

Copyright Notice:           © 2019 All rights reserved, Registered design

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Dimensions Height

44.3 cm

Dimensions Width

44.3 cm

Box dimensions Height

48.3 cm

Box dimensions Width

48.3 cm


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