About Me

About Me

Helen Arjmandi – Illumination Artist, Calligraphist, and Photographer

Born in Quchan, Iran, I am a devoted artist specializing in Persian Illumination art, calligraphy, and the intricate fusion of miniature painting with calligraphy, known as Naghashi-Khat. My artistic journey began at age 13 when I uncovered my talent for Persian calligraphy, leading me to study under masters Ali Akbar Rezvani and Safar Mirzazadeh.

My work has garnered recognition and praise in both my hometown and the state capital, Mashhad. After expanding my knowledge through studies in digital graphics, fine arts, and photography, I migrated to the USA in 2014. Embracing wood as my canvas, I incorporated wood engraving and burning into my work, creating distinctive pieces of art.

My aesthetic development has been profoundly influenced by the rich cultural heritage of Persian art, merged with contemporary techniques and themes. This fusion has resulted in a unique style that captivates viewers with intricate patterns, vivid colors, and a powerful expression of unity, harmony, and the triumph of the human spirit. I want my artwork to help others in pausing, connecting with the greater good in the universe, and returning to their daily lives inspired, refreshed, and determined. As an artist, my goal is to foster connections, understanding, and a sense of belonging through the powerful medium of art.

I’ve been refining my craft in recent years while actively participating in local art communities, such as exhibitions and collaborations on city-wide art projects. I am committed to engaging with diverse audiences, sharing my love of art, and significantly contributing to the community’s cultural life.

Welcome to my art world, where Persian heritage’s beauty meets contemporary expression, inviting you to discover, appreciate, and be inspired by creativity’s transformative power.

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