October 29, 2022

In Richly Patterned Portraits, Ruby Sky Stiler Dismantles Art History’s Most Persistent Archetypes

“Artist with Muse” (2022), acrylic, acrylic resin, paper, glue, and graphite on panel, 60 x 50 inches. All images © Ruby Stiler, shared with permission courtesy […]
October 15, 2022

Watch Artist Zak Korvin Draw a Precise Geometric Emblem in a Mesmerizing Timelapse

Artist Zak Korvin offers a look into the process of making a geometric crest of three birds in a mesmerizing timelapse. Drawing inspiration from Japanese mon, […]
October 11, 2022

Color-Blocked Wall Hangings Stitch Graphic Design Principles into Quilts by Emily Van Hoff

All images © Emily Van Hoff, shared with permission Emily Van Hoff merges her background in graphic design with the practical crafting skills she picked up as a […]
September 27, 2022

Ubiquitous Items Are Organized Into Intricate and Colorful Compositions by Adam Hillman

“Skeleton Keys.” All images © Adam Hillman, shared with permission Everyday objects are puzzled into meticulously organized compositions in the work of Adam Hillman, who has […]
September 14, 2022

In Qatar, a Museum Looks Back at the Breadth of Islam

As the World Cup draws visitors to present-day Doha, the Museum of Islamic Art reopens with an expanded vision and presentation of Islamic history.
September 12, 2022

Walk with Hilma af Klint: AR brings works by the mystic mother of abstraction to London’s Regent’s Park

Seventy-eight years after her death, the artist famed for her geometric and spiral forms, has realised her goal of creating a giant temple for her work— thanks […]
September 4, 2022

An M.C. Escher-Inspired Series by Parth Kothekar Distorts Perspectives With Single Sheets of Paper

All images © Parth Kothekar, shared with permission Harnessing the captivating power of pattern and mathematic principles, Parth Kothekar cuts meticulously deceptive works from single sheets of […]
August 29, 2022

Carved Gemstones Embed Intricate Patterns from Ancient Symbols, Architecture, and Nature

All images by Jeff Mason, © Bryan D. Drummond, shared with permission Fractals, grids, religious symbols, and ancient architecture are among the eclectic patterns translated into […]
August 20, 2022

Everyday Objects and Buildings Float Atmospherically in Cinta Vidal’s Perception-Bending Murals

“Public Space” (August 2022) in Toftlund, Denmark, curated by Kunstbureau Kolossal. All images © Cinta Vidal, shared with permission It’s all about perspective in the multifaceted […]
August 16, 2022

Undulating Lines and Geometric Shapes Comprise a Minimally Illustrated Menagerie

All images © Adam G., shared with permission In Surf & Turf, designer Adam G., who’s behind the Santa Monica-based studio TRÜF Creative, transfers his signature messymod style […]