Water Rises Around Vibrant Architectural Models in James Casebere’s Haunting Photos
May 16, 2024
Amy Feigley-Lee Plays with Perception in Vintage Wallpaper Sculptures
May 19, 2024
Water Rises Around Vibrant Architectural Models in James Casebere’s Haunting Photos
May 16, 2024
Amy Feigley-Lee Plays with Perception in Vintage Wallpaper Sculptures
May 19, 2024
a large-scale, colorful public installation at Coachella music festival showing lots of geometrically-patterned columns and kinetic details that spin in the wind as people gather below on a colorful floor

“Dancing in the Sky” (2024), installation view at Coachella in Indio, California. Photo by Lance Gerber. All images © Morag Myerscough, shared with permission

Born and raised in bustling London, Morag Myerscough has always been keenly attuned to the rhythms of urban life and the patterns of community. Through large-scale, vibrant installations around the world, the artist emphasizes joy, optimism, and a sense of belonging.

Myerscough often incorporates words that convey positive values and local pride into vividly hued affirmations. A large archway installed in Paris, part of the installation “Love Letters,” plays on the French motto “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” —liberty, equality, fraternity—adding fundamental societal principles like dignity, hope, and justice. On an adjacent structure, phrases like “Sing,” “Play,” and “This is how I love my city” brighten up pedestrians’ routes.

The artist was also recently commissioned to create an expansive kinetic structure for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April. “Dancing in the Sky” invited attendees to wander through a geometric forest of columns and spires, topped with contraptions that twirled in the wind. Myerscough’s immersive pieces follow her philosophy that “we make belonging,” welcoming visitors into playful encounters that provoke new ways of seeing their surroundings and thinking about togetherness, cooperation, and community.

Myerscough has recently completed a stage and seating installation connected to UEFA Euros 2024 in Munich, Germany, and is currently working on a permanent bus station structure in Leeds, U.K. She will also be releasing a line of jewelry in collaboration with Tatty Devine in the coming months. Explore more on the artist’s website, and follow Instagram for updates.


a colorful, geometric arch installation with words "dignité," "fierté," "justice," and other principles

“Love Letters” (2024), Paris

two side-by-side images of a geometric art installation outdoors with colorful panels and stripes

Details of “Love Letters”

a colorful geometric public art installation at night

Nighttime view of “Dancing in the Sky.”  Photo by Lance Gerber

to side-by-side images of an installation at Coachella music festival with numerous geometric, colorful shapes

Details of “Dancing in the Sky.” Photos by Lance Gerber

a large-scale installation of colorful spires and shapes at Coachella music festival

“Dancing in the Sky.” Photo by Lance Gerber

a public art installation made from patterned, colorful panels on scaffolding

“(Leave) Space for Space” (2024), Amsterdam

construction underway of a large-scale installation with painted panels and colorful geometry

Construction overview of “Nice to Meet You Again” (2024), presented by Mini at Shoreditch Electric Light Station, London

two side-by-side images of details of an installation of geometrically-painted panels with abstract flower shapes

Details of “Nice to Meet You Again.” Photos by Gareth Gardner

the interior of a panel structure with holes cut out of the top, part of a large installation made of colorful panels

Detail of “Nice to Meet You Again.” Photo by Gareth Gardner

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