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August 28, 2023
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#architecture#drawing#hotels#Kei Endo#watercolor

Elaborately Detailed Illustrations of Japanese Hotel Rooms by Kei Endo Highlight Architecture and Ornament

August 29, 2023

Kate Mothes

An illustration of a Japanese hotel floor plan on a table surrounded by paints and brushes.

Imperial Hotel Toyko. All images © Kei Endo, shared with permission

The finer points of key fobs, towels, and tea cups make their way into Kei Endo’s meticulously detailed floor plans of Japanese hotel rooms (previously). Carefully measured, the interior diagrams depict the furnishings, amenities, and layouts of various rooms, from corner suites to intimate sleeping pods. Endo elaborates on style elements like creative wall decor or unique views, including dimensions for every aspect of the room, right down to the height of the wine glasses.

The images here are part of a vibrant collection comprising Endo’s new book, Tokyo Hotel Sketch ,just released in Japan by Gakugei Publishing. Find more of the artist’s work on her website, and follow updates on X and Instagram.

An illustration of the Aoyama Grand Hotel.

The Aoyama Grand Hotel

An illustration of the Hilltop Hotel in Japan.

Hilltop Hotel

An illustration of a Japanese hotel floor plan on a table surrounded by paints and brushes.

Hotel Hisoca Ikebukuro

An illustration of a Japanese hotel floor plan.

Hotel K5

An illustration of a Japanese hotel called 9h (nine hours).

9h Akasaka Sleep Lab

An illustration of The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu.

The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

An illustration of a Japanese hotel floor plan and room.

Shiroiya Hotel

A process photograph showing the making of an illustration of a hotel.

An illustration of artist's materials, including paints, brushes, tape, sketchbooks, and pens.

#architecture#drawing#hotels#Kei Endo#watercolor

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