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Monumental Classical Figures and Graffiti Converge in New Murals by PichiAvo

June 13, 2023

Kate Mothes

A mural of Venus's profile with graffiti around her on the side of a building.

“Venus del Mitreo” (2023), part of a project with Museo de Muralismo Contemporáneo de Mérida, Mérida, Spain. All images © PichiAvo, shared with permission

PichiAvo (previously) continue to scale multistory buildings from Ontario to Tahiti, recently painting a series of vibrant new murals. Known for combining figures from Greek mythology with spraypainted tags synonymous with graffiti, the Valencia-based duo often work in vibrant jewel tones, especially warm pinks and violets shadowed by cool blues. Rendered in a style evocative of ancient marble statues, classically idealized portrayals of deities like Mercury and Venus are intertwined with contemporary street art. For a recent project back in the pair’s hometown, the god of wine, Bacchus, hoists a bunch of grapes on a wall of the aptly named Mythic Hotel.

During extensive travels, PichiAvo have found ways to adapt what they call “urbanmythology,” especially as it relates to specific locations. A diptych on two buildings in Paea, Tahiti, taps into a Tahitian legend about the prince of neighboring Paparā and the prince of Paea’s son fighting for control of the land in a javelin duel, thus determining the borders between the two communities. And taking the theme of the wall indoors, an ongoing body of work they call Diaspasis turns raw plasterboard into a canvas, emphasizing crumbled edges as if it has been chiseled and removed from architecture.

If you’re in Montréal, you can stop by PichiAvo’s new solo exhibition titled Three Graces at S16 Gallery, which runs June 15 through July 9. Find more on the artists’ website, and follow updates on Instagram.

A mural of Mercury and Psyche with graffiti around them on the side of a building.

“Mercury and Psyche” (2022) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Artist duo PichiAvo on scaffolding, working on a mural of Mercury and Venus in Toronto.

“Mercury and Psyche” in progress

A mural of Bacchus holding grapes above his head, with graffiti around him on the side of a building.

“Bacchus” (2022) at the Mythic Hotel in Valencia, Spain

Two murals on the side of apartment buildings in Tahiti showing a hand holding a javelin and a classical figure surrounded by graffiti.

Javelin murals (2023). part of ONO’U, Paea, Tahiti, French Polynesia

A mural of a classical figure, photographed with two young girls walking down a stairway in the foreground.

Detail of a mural in Tahiti

A painting of a classical figure's eyes and nose on plasterboard that is rough around the edges like it has been carved out of a wall.

Photo by Bruno Lopes, courtesy of Underdogs Gallery, Lisbon

A painting of a classical figure on plasterboard that is rough around the edges like it has been carved out of a wall.

Photo by Bruno Lopes, courtesy of Underdogs Gallery, Lisbon

#murals#painting#PichiAvo#public art#street art

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