Mystical Forests Meet Cavernous Classical Interiors in Eva Jospin’s Cardboard Sculptures
June 1, 2023
The British Museum and BP’s sponsorship deal will end after 27 years
June 1, 2023

As It’s Pablo-matic: Picasso According to Hannah Gadsby opens at the Brooklyn Museum, New York, we talk to Catherine Morris and Lisa Small, who have curated the show with the Australian comedian.

Pablo Picasso

‘Pablo Picasso, like our audiences, can handle complexity’

San Francesco basilica is just one of the landmarks in the region damaged by the flood.

Floods at the end of last month have caused widespread damage to heritage in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna; we speak to James Imam, our correspondent in Rome, to gauge the extent of the damage and explore the Italian government’s response.

Ellsworth Kelly’s Spectrum IX (2014)

New York City

New York mayor declares 31 May as Ellsworth Kelly Day in honour of artist’s centennary

And this week marks the centenary of the birth of the great US abstract painter Ellsworth Kelly.This episode’s Work of the Week is Kelly’s Spectrum IX (2014), one of a series of paintings based on a spectrum of colours made by Kelly across his seven-decade career. Yuri Stone, the assistant curator at Glenstone in Potomac, Maryland, US—where the piece is part of a retrospective of Kelly’s work—tells us more.

• It’s Pablo-matic: Picasso According to Hannah Gadsby, Brooklyn Museum, New York, until 24 September

• Previous Picasso items on this podcast include a tour of Tate Modern’s Picasso 1932 and a look at his response to Old Masters.

• Ellsworth Kelly at 100 continues at the Glenstone, Potomac, Maryland, US, until March 2024; for more on the anniversary events visit

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