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Illuminated by Moonlight, Giulia Pintus’ Illustrations Ruminate on Imperfection and Solitude

May 31, 2023

Grace Ebert

A woman sits and knits with her yarn descending from a massive moon-like ball in the sky

All images © Giulia Pintus, shared with permission

“I think there is a lot of poetry in imperfections,” says Giulia Pintus (previously). Through introspective drawings in shades of blue and pastel tones, the Piacenza-based illustrator interrogates unrealistic beauty standards and the notion of flaws. She focuses on the relationship between physical and emotional well-being and meditates on the intimate, unrefined moments of human existence.

Depicting periods of quiet and solitude, the renderings center on characters with large limbs and shapely bodies and are tinged with whimsy. In one work, the moon is made of yarn that descends for a woman to knit, and another portrays a figure showering underneath a storm cloud. Magical and often illuminated by soft light, the illustrations reflect Pintus’ interest in retreat, silence, and time spent alone.

The illustrator currently has a few books in progress, including one about a child and a dog that will be released in Italy with Logos Edizioni. She’s also working on a series of pieces for a nursing home that considers how we age. You can follow her work on Instagram.

A large man sprinkles glittery dust on a moon in a fishbowl

A woman waits for coffee to brew with a cat at her feet

A woman stands in the shower underneath a dark storm cloud

A woman sits on a rooftop and blows a bubble that appears like the moon

Two people eat pizza out of their upper floor windows, grabbing slices from their pie in the sky

#body#drawing#Giulia Pintus#moon

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