Dana Awartani on using craft—which is 'seen as a bad word'—in her art
Dana Awartani on using craft—which is ‘seen as a bad word’—in her art
March 16, 2023

Kagome superconductors structure revealed; compact 3D lidar sees non-reflective objects; chromo-encryption. Defining Kagome superconductors An international team of scientists and researchers from the Brown University lab are now able to describe the structure of the superconductor Kagome metals. The team used nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging and a quantum modeling theory to describe the microscopic structure as the metal changed states into a charge density wave (CDW) state at 103°Kelvin (about 275 below 0°Fahrenheit), the highest temperature known for superconducting behavior. Kagome (RbV 3 Sb 5 ) is a newly discovered superconducting metal made from rubidium vanadium and antimony that shows different exotic properties as the material’s temperature is lowered. The material has a basket weave type structure. The team published its work in Physical Review Research . “Microscopic nature of the charge-density wave in the kagome superconductor RbV3Sb5” Jonathan Frassineti, Pietro Bonfà, Giuseppe Allodi, Erick Garcia, Rong Cong, […]

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