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The 2022 World Nature Photography Awards Vacillate Between the Humor and Brutality of Life on Earth

March 3, 2023

Grace Ebert

A photo of an elpehant behind a tree

Photo © Staffan Widstrand. All images courtesy of World Nature Photography Awards, shared with permission

Moments of coincidental humor, stark cruelty, and surprising inter-species intimacies are on full display in this year’s World Nature Photography Awards. The winners of the 2022 competition encompass a vast array of life across six continents, from an elephant’s endearing attempt at camouflage to a crocodile covered in excessively dry mud spurred by drought. While many of the photos highlight natural occurrences, others spotlight the profound impacts humans have on the environment to particularly disastrous results, including Nicolas Remy’s heartbreaking image that shows an Australian fur seal sliced open by a boat propellor.

Find some of the winning photos below, and explore the entire collection on the contest’s site.

A photo of a crocodile's face peering out from dry cracked mud

Photo © Jens Cullmann, gold winner and grand prize of the World Nature Photographer of the Year

A moody photo of frogs near water

Photo © Norihiro Ikuma

An aerial photo of a tree downed on a green landscape

Photo © Julie Kenny

A underwater photo of a seal with several cuts on its back

Photo © Nicolas Remy

A photo of a bird perched in rusted and damaged lights

Photo © Vladislav Tasev

A photo of a bird resting on a hogs' snout

Photo © Tamas Aranyossy

A black-and-white photo of animals charging into the water

Photo © Dr Artur Stankiewicz

A photo of a praying mantis grasping a lizard

Photo © Takuya Ishiguro

A photo of a cheeta scaling a tree

Photo © Thomas Vijayan


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