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#acrylic painting#holidays#Jeremy Miranda#light#painting

Holiday Lights Warm the Dark Winter Nights of Jeremy Miranda’s Paintings

December 23, 2022

Grace Ebert

A painting of a glowing tree on a landscape

All images © Jeremy Miranda, shared with permission

Colorful lights strung on trees and lining gutters cast a welcoming, vibrant glow on dreary, winter evenings in Jeremy Miranda’s paintings. The Maine-based artist (previously) is known for his dreamlike works of landscapes and interiors that incorporate both the domestic and outside world, and elements of nostalgia, intimacy, and memory echo throughout the scenes. Often illuminating the magical in the mundane, Miranda has been creating a growing collection of holiday paintings during the last few years that center on Christmas trees and decorated homes, capturing the warmth of the season as it shines through stark, frigid nights.

The artist has a few prints available through Sebastian Foster, and you can follow his work on Instagram.

A painting of a glowing tree in a home

A painting of a glowing lights strung on a home

A painting of a glowing tree through a house window

A painting of a glowing tree through a house window

A painting of glowing holiday lights on a landscape

A painting of glwoing lights in a landscape

#acrylic painting#holidays#Jeremy Miranda#light#painting

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