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#drawing#Karlotta Freier#narrative#surreal

Surreal Narratives Energize Karlotta Freier’s Vibrant Dreamlike Illustrations

December 19, 2022

Grace Ebert

An illustration with a person in a garden

All images © Karlotta Freier, shared with permission

Brooklyn-based illustrator Karlotta Freier accentuates aspects of the mundane into energetic, surreal compositions. Often working on commissions for larger editorial and advertising projects, she begins with a mood, narrative, or compelling fact that unwinds into vivid, dreamlike scenes with otherworldly elements. Scale and perspective figure largely in her illustrations, which sometimes position people alongside enormous flowers or animals or use landscapes to amplify the minuscule nature of humans in comparison to the vastness of the world.

Prints of Freier’s works are available from The Honey Pump, and you can find more of her personal projects and commissions for brands and publications like Hermès, The New Yorker, and The New York Times on Instagram.

An illustration with oversized plants and a horse with humans on carpets

Two surreal illustrations side by side

An illustration of a person sitting on a massive flower blossom

Two surreal illustrations side by side

An illustration of a child facing a bus full of kids

An illustration of a person dreaming of fish swimming through a city

An illustration of a person wandering with a dog in a field

#drawing#Karlotta Freier#narrative#surreal

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