A Tribute to Peter Lamborn Wilson
A Tribute to Peter Lamborn Wilson
October 20, 2022
Exhibition of rare manuscripts paintings from Patna’s Khuda Bakhsh Library held in Delhi
October 26, 2022

An emerald and diamond-set gold bazuband from North India. Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer Alongside Indian miniatures and Islamic manuscripts, 18th-century jewels and rare works of art are part of the ‘Arts of The Islamic World & India’ auction-sale at Sotheby’s London (Oct. 26). The objets d’art will be exhibited in Dubai (Oct. 3 — 7); New York (Sept. 15 — 20) and in London (Oct. 21 — 25). A 16th-century folio from Persia’s ‘The Book of Kings’ — one of the finest illustrated manuscripts in existence — is also being offered with an estimate of 4-6 million pounds. “The Shahnameh of Shah Tahmasp is a perfect encapsulation of artistic skill, patronage and beauty — universally acknowledged as one of the supreme illustrated manuscripts of any period or culture and ranking among the greatest works of art in the world,” says Benedict Carter, Head of Department, Sotheby’s Islamic & Indian […]

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