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October 5, 2022
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October 5, 2022


University of the Arts’s Dynamic Grad Programs Advance Your Creativity

October 6, 2022

University of the Arts

Devised Performance MFA students perform in “’scapes” as part of ‘Catapult,’ a series of student performances. Photo by John C. Hawthorne

Attend the University of the Arts (UArts)’s virtual grad information session on October 26, 2022, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. EST. Meet program directors, current students, and faculty, and learn more about how you can advance your creativity at UArts.

MFA in Book Arts & Printmaking

UArts’s program is the most prominent and established professional master’s degree program in the U.S.

MFA in Dance

Internationally situated, the program rethinks itself anew each year and departs from a traditional educational format.

MFA in Devised Performance

In collaboration with Pig Iron Theatre Company, this program explores ensemble theater practice, trains students’ bodies and imaginations, and helps them create original performance works in response to the world around them.

Master of Education in Educational Program Design (online)

This online-only program demystifies curriculum, instruction, and assessment as educators gain tools to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Master of Education in Educational Technology (online)

This online-only program deepens students’ expertise in integrating technology into the classroom.

Master of Music in Jazz Studies

Students get advanced private instruction, focus on their individual goals, and develop their musical identities.

MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning & Design

Students learn to design experiences that cultivate curiosity, build empathy, and inspire people to action.

Master of Arts in Museum Studies (emphases: Education, Engagement)

Students are engaged in a cohort and community learning environment and are passionate about the mission-driven impact only museums can deliver.

Master of Music in Music Education (summers only)

The nation’s premier program for music educators is designed for teachers and others interested in studying music education at the graduate level.

Master of Design in Product Design

Students learn how to solve social, economic, technical, and material challenges through human-centered design, maker culture, and entrepreneurship.

Master of Arts in Teaching in Music Education or Visual Arts Education

Students gain hands-on teaching experience and take coursework in practice, pedagogy, and current theory and research to become certified art or music educators.


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