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July 14, 2022
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July 14, 2022

Casinos, Elvis impersonators and wild hen nights usually spring to mind when you think of Las Vegas. But now culture-hungry visitors to the US gambling mecca can also visit “Las Vegas Strip’s first permanent digital art museum”, which presents rotating displays.

The inaugural show at Perception Las Vegas is an hour-long visual extravaganza that transports guests on a “mind-bending exploration into the remarkable world of Leonardo da Vinci” via lavish and loud 360-degree exhibits. In Mona Lisa’s Perception, guests are greeted by six versions of La Gioconda (AKA Mona Lisa), accompanied by an original musical score.

The Las Vegas digital smorgasbord comes courtesy of nightclub king Robert Frey and the entrepreneur Ned Collett, who are charging locals $29.50 for a ticket (general admission: $34.50). Asked who is advising on the Leonardo show, a spokesperson said that the “research was all done in-house”. From the images, it certainly looks like it.

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