Tile My reflection bower
My Reflection Bower
July 27, 2020
The Healing Mother Earth
June 9, 2022
Growing Through Barbed Wires

Tile Growing through barbed wires

“Harmonious new growing of flowers creates opening in the bed of barbed wires and reaches the blue sky. The thorns of the once oppressing barbed wires, turn into frames protecting the new growing.
It reminds me of the people who are oppressed around the world and their freedom comes when they overcome their differences and act based on a collective awareness.
The eight pointed flowers are a symbol of resurrection and spiritual forces. By repeating the pattern, I wanted to emphasis the importance of harmonious growth and enlightning one another ”    Helen Arjmandi

Completion:            2019, Connecticut

Physical Description:

              Size:   17.3” x 17.3” ,  44.3 cm * 44.3 cm

              Medium: Plywood

              Technique: Wood burning, acrylic painting

Digital Prints:

A limited number of high-quality digital copies of the original work are available, signed by the artist from $200

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