Leyli and Majnun
Leyli and Majnun
April 10, 2020
Tile My reflection bower
My Reflection Bower
July 27, 2020

The Paradise of Harmony

“Take the hallway of the silent mind and arrive at the garden of harmony, there you will find the Paradise ”   Helen Arjmandi

“Here, I used Persian miniature art and symbolic northern Cardinals to show the peace accord with nature. Northern cardinals are affectionate and smart birds who sing beautiful songs in springs. This wooden frame holds a window to a paradise of harmony”

  Helen Arjmandi

Completion:            2019, Connecticut USA

Diameter:                30” x 22.5” , 76 cm * 57.15 cm

Technique:             Acrylic painting on wood

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URL: www.arjmandi.net


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